Lost & Found

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This film was made possible by contributions from private donors who felt the story needed to be told. At this stage, we are submitting the documentary to film fesitvals and seeking distribution. We've completed the film and now need to get it out to the public. You can help make this happen by making a tax-deductible contribution through the Center for Independent Documentary:

One woman we have never met wanted to contribute to our Kickstarter fundraising campaign but didn't have any spare cash. As she was walking down the street, she found $80. She could have spent that on a massage or shoes. We were so touched that she chose to send it to support our film.
Milton Buehner           Cynthia Chinnock            John Colagioia            Patei Dittman
Bob & Kathy Grim       Shawna Graves               Beth Harrington          Margaret Heater
Jackie Henderson        John Herrmann              Sue Hollern                Kathy Jones
M. Louise Krabill          Dane & Maureen Kohal   Cristy Lanfri                Donna Langner              
Ed & Linda Lorenz       Vikki Mee & Steve Cox    Mark Miano                 Ross Parsons                
Julie & Tom Plaistowe  Tom & Julie Porfirio        Denise Porter             Christy Romoser           
The Roundhouse Foundation                            Maeve & Ben Perle      Dale & Sandy Russell
Jim Urquhart               Andrew & Zoe Selsky     Laurie Stuart               Lita Townsend
Jim & Denise Tucker     Lynda Wahlberg

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