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Film Producer Sandy Cummings
Sandy Cummings, Producer/Director
Sandy is an Emmy award-winning non-fiction producer with a wealth of experience in network television. Sandy worked for NBC News for 23 years, most recently as Senior West Coast Producer of Dateline NBC. She was privileged to have reported on some of the biggest events of the past two decades, including the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Michael Jackson's death, Hurricane Katrina and the Columbia Space Shuttle explosion. In addition to breaking news, Sandy produced numerous hours of highly-rated long-form documentaries.

She has produced stories from Alaska to Australia including social issues such as Australia’s “Stolen Generation,” an investigation into Nazis hiding in plain sight in Canada, an environmental story on the sterilization of koalas on Australia’s Kangaroo Island, features on Steve Irwin’s antics in the outback and an in-depth look at the first murder case on tiny Norfolk Island in 150 years. She has covered numerous legal cases and has a talent for making complex stories easily understood. Sandy produced "Lost & Found," the documentary about the orphans in Uganda, in 2012. Please feel free to contact Sandy by email here.

Bruce Cummings Producer, Writer
Bruce Cummings, Producer/Writer/Narrator
Bruce also is an Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist. A news veteran, he has worked in radio and television at both the local and network levels. The lion’s share of his career, just short of thirty years, was spent at NBC Nightly News where he worked first as a producer, then a senior producer with both Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams. For eighteen of his Nightly News years, he was based in Washington, DC, managing the reporting of correspondents covering the White House, the Hill, State, the Pentagon, and all the federal agencies. For his last nine years with Nightly, he was based in Los Angeles, where he oversaw coverage of stories ranging from wildland fires to California politics to Enron to Columbine and Michael Jackson.

Over the years, Bruce has also done extensive work as a narrator of a wide variety of television productions and a voice-over artist for a vast range of commercials and on-air promos.

Location Scout
Scout didn't make the cut as a guide dog for the blind, but she has one heck of an eye for spotting nice locations. This pastel was created by some of the inmates at Snake River Correctional Institution as a thank you gift to us for telling their story.
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